Maureen A. McQuiggan, Ed.D.
cell:  (610) 731-6794                
Links and files you will need for class:

Report of the National Reading Panel

Common Core State Standards

Textbook and other presentations:

Power Point:  Assessment
Power Point:  Assessing the Emergent Reader and Writer
Teaching Comprehension
Power Point:  Objective Writing
Handout:  DRA Expectations by Level
Handout:  IRI Narrative (sample)
Handout:  IRI Recap Sheet (sample)
QRI Sample with Chart and Report
Handout:  DIBELS Test
Power Point:  Assessing Spelling and Writing
RTII Power Point
Handout:  PSSA Writing Item and Scoring Sampler
Including Rubrics
Handout:  Writing Rubric
Handout:  Levels Conversion Chart
Handout:  Note about Lexiles and Grade Levels
Power Point:  Formal Assessment
Guided Reading Power Point (intro)
Guided Reading Power Point (advanced)
FP Text Gradients A to Z

Written Language
Common Core State Standards for Written Language
6+1 Traits Rubric
Tuning Protocol
Score Sheet
Writing Samples

Sharing research articles
How to administer the QRI-5
QRI-5 Activity
Reading Materials Activity:  5 areas from NRP
Secondary Reading Activity

Assessment Lab and Project
QRI Report Project Template (Parent Report)
QRI Cover Sheet Template
Sample QRI report (WORD, can be typed over)
Unpacking the CCS Standards
GRR Lesson Planning Template

Textbook:  Gillet, Temple, and Crawford (2008).
Understanding Reading Problems. Boston: Pearson

Optional Resource:  Caldwell, J.S. and Leslie, L. (2009)
Intervention Strategies to follow informal reading inventory:
Assessment, so what do I do now?  Boston: Pearson


How to Create a Non-reader

PSSA Accommodations - Link to Guides from PD
PSSA Accommodations Guidelines for Students with IEPs and
504 Plans PP slides
PSSA Accommodations Teacher Tool for Planning
PASA Participation - MUST meet ALL 6 CRITERIA

FREE PaTTAN Workshops (great resume builder!):   Any
student, parent, teacher, etc. can participate in the FREE
workshops offered by PaTTAN.  Many are offered at the CCIU
in Downingtown and in King of Prussia.  The below contact
person confirmed that this is available to students even if
they do no work for a school district.  The only courses that
are not free are the Praxis prep classes.  Use this link to
look at the 100s of workshops offered.  Contact:  John
Dellegrotto, Ed. D. Educational Consultant 800-360-7282 ex
333 if you have trouble registering.
Class Schedule
EDL 641

4:30 to 10:00 PM